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  • U.S.-Soviet Relations & the Recent Summit
    U.S.-Soviet Relations & the Recent Summit

    June 7, 1988

    The former director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency discusses expectations the next president will face for arms control in the wake of the recent U.S.-Soviet summit.

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  • How a National Budget is Formed
    How a National Budget is Formed

    June 6, 1988

    The former U.S. president and member for 14 years of the House Appropriations Committee discusses the budget process.

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  • USA Today International Tour
    USA Today International Tour

    June 2, 1988

    Mr. Neuharth discusses his series of interviews with world leaders, including Fidel Castro and Yitzak Shamir, that appeared in USA Today and other Gannett newspapers. The series, titled "JetCapade," features stories and features of various nations.

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  • International Agriculture & Trade Issues
    International Agriculture & Trade Issues

    June 1, 1988

    The secretary gives a summary of U.S. agriculture entering the summer of 1988. At this early point in what would be a major summer drought, Sec. Lyng comments that "the weather is more uncertain than usual." Lyng also comments on opening Japan to U.S. agriculture products.

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  • U.S.-Soviet Relations
    U.S.-Soviet Relations

    May 26, 1988

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  • Making America Competitive
    Making America Competitive

    May 24, 1988

    The co-author of In Search of Excellence, Passion for Excellence, and Thriving on Chaos discusses ways of improving the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers.

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  • Senior Citizens & the 1988 Presidential Election
    Senior Citizens & the 1988 Presidential Election

    May 19, 1988

    The oldest member of Congress, currently serving his 13th term in the House, Mr. Pepper discusses ways to motivate the elderly to vote in the presidential election and the roles that older citizens play in the selection process.

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  • Forum on Families & Working Parents
    Forum on Families & Working Parents

    May 18, 1988

    The first in a series of family issues forums features Sen. Hatch and Rep. Schroeder presenting their views on child care. Hatch recently introduced the Child Care Services Improvement Act in the Senate. The act proposes 375 million dollars in federal support for child care. Rep. Schroeder supports the $2.5…

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  • Social & Political Situation in South Africa
    Social & Political Situation in South Africa

    May 11, 1988

    The Anglican archbishop of Cape Town and Nobel laureate discusses the role of U.S., British, and German support of South African apartheid. Earlier in the day Rev. Tutu had briefed the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which recently approved legislation instituting sanctions against South Africa.

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  • U.S.-East German Relations
    U.S.-East German Relations

    May 5, 1988

    The chairman of East Germany's Committee for Foreign Affairs discusses his country's foreign policy, which includes calling for a nuclear-free zone in Europe. Mr. Axen also discusses U.S. economic claims against the German Democratic Republic. Mr. Axen, who was in the country to meet with Secretary of State Shultz, is…

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