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  • Outcome Robertson Libel Suit
    Outcome Robertson Libel Suit

    March 29, 1988

    The former congressman discusses the outcome of a libel suit against him by Republican presidential candidate Pat Robertson.

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  • Free Speech and Democracy
    Free Speech and Democracy

    March 24, 1988

    In his address, Stone emphasizes the need for a critical media. For him, the freedoms of speech and press guaranteed by the Constitution are important aspects of democracy, for "to be truly democratic, governments need criticism." Also stressed by Stone is the vital role played by the Supreme Court in…

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  • Proposals to Improve U.S. Government
    Proposals to Improve U.S. Government

    March 19, 1988

    The author of Empire, a fictional history of the U.S., discusses the development of the country into a national security state and the need to dismantle the military-industrial complex. Among his proposals are limiting presidential campaigns, dealing with the budget truthfully, and withdrawing support from Israel.

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  • Recent Events in Palestine and Prospects for Peace
    Recent Events in Palestine and Prospects for Peace

    March 17, 1988

    On the 100th day of the Palestinian uprising, Mr. Maksoud discusses the effect of the uprising on U.S. public opinion. The Arab league representative also criticizes the U.S. for closing PLO offices in Washington and New York.

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  • Sino-U.S. Relations
    Sino-U.S. Relations

    March 9, 1988

    The foreign minister discusses China's reformed economy and policy of opening to the outside world. He also covers China's position in favor of nuclear disarmament. He comments that it has been ten years since relations between the U.S. and China were established and prods the U.S. to address the "Taiwan…

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  • Economic Policy
    Economic Policy

    March 1, 1988

    Miller discusses the economic recovery under Reagan and then talks about specific policy issues, such as the value of the dollar and the trade deficit. This appearance comes two weeks after the release of the administration's FY 1989 budget.

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  • The President's Commission on AIDS
    The President's Commission on AIDS

    February 29, 1988

    Admiral Watkins discusses the need for government, business, and social institutions to confront AIDS. He says that the nature of transmission of the disease makes it hard to confront but maintains that the manner of transmission also offers an opportunity to control the spread of AIDS. Unlike epidemics of the…

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  • Portugal Now
    Portugal Now

    February 25, 1988

    The prime minister discusses Portugal's economic growth, democracy, political relations with former colonies, and membership in the European Community.

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  • Reshaping the Federal Role in Aviation
    Reshaping the Federal Role in Aviation

    February 11, 1988

    Sec. Burnley discusses airline safety fears, saying they have not changed over decades. He says accident rates are actually down and deregulation is unfairly accused of causing safety problems. Burnley then discusses a variety of proposals to reform the FAA.

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  • AIDS Among Minorities
    AIDS Among Minorities

    February 10, 1988

    Ms. Warwick discusses AIDS among minorities as well as fundraising efforts for the prevention and cure of AIDS.

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