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  • Democratic Party's Economic Philosophy
    Democratic Party's Economic Philosophy

    October 19, 1989

    The complete title of Rep. Gephardt's speech is "Democratic Party's Economic and Fiscal Policy Blueprint for the Nation."

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  • Democracy in South Korea
    Democracy in South Korea

    October 18, 1989

    President Roh talked about, "Democracy in a Period of Transition." He pointed to progress toward full democracy in South Korea since the demonstrations of 1987, with the 1988 Olympics serving as a showcase for the country. After his remarks he responded to audience members' questions. Translation into English was by…

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  • Developments in Hong Kong
    Developments in Hong Kong

    October 16, 1989

    Mr. Wilson discusses the effects in Hong Kong of China's supression of pro-democracy demonstrations. He notes that emigration from Hong Kong increased and the stock market fell, but that business quickly got back to normal. Wilson also discusses plans for continued expansion through and beyond 1997, when control of the…

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  • Angolan Civil War
    Angolan Civil War

    October 6, 1989

    The leader of the opposition in the 14-year-old Angolan civil war speaks on the prospects for peace in his country. UNITA, which receives military assitance from the U.S., was established by Mr. Savimbi to fight the Soviet and Cuban soldiers stationed in Angola to support its communist government.

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  • Health and Welfare Issues
    Health and Welfare Issues

    October 5, 1989

    Dr. Sullivan discusses the need for AIDS information, research and drugs. He also discusses the move in Congress to repeal catastrophic health insurance and a House budget reconciliation bill that includes a provision to make the Social Security Administration a separate agency. Dr. Sullivan expresses concern over Social Security losing…

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  • U.S.-Mexico Relations
    U.S.-Mexico Relations

    October 4, 1989

    The appearance comes during the first-year Mexican president's visit to Washington for talks with President Bush. Mr. de Gortari discusses economic, political and social change in Mexico. He also discusses the beneficial effects of debt renegotiation.

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  • Developments in Argentina
    Developments in Argentina

    September 27, 1989

    President Menem discusses evolving Argentinian democracy and his country's financial problems, including extreme inflation caused by huge foreign debt. Menem's remarks are in Spanish with delayed translation.

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  • Proposals for Palestinian Elections
    Proposals for Palestinian Elections

    September 26, 1989

    Mr. Peres appears while in Washington to attend the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund. He proposes elections leading to a Palestinian representative to negotiate a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Mr. Peres also discusses changes in the Soviet Union and the superiority of economic strength to military strength.

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  • Federal Budget Deficit
    Federal Budget Deficit

    September 21, 1989

    In a speech timed to coincide with congressional budget talks, Mr. Grace discusses the seriousness of the budget deficit and ways to decrease it. As the chairman of the President's Commission on Federal Cost Control during Ronald Reagan's first administration, Grace recommended 2,478 ways to reduce the deficit.

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  • Antarctica & Future of Global Environment
    Antarctica & Future of Global Environment

    September 20, 1989

    Mr. Cousteau discusses the role of Antarctica in the international environmental debate. During his visit to Washington, Cousteau met with congressional and executive branch officials in an attempt to get the U.S. to participate in an upcoming Paris conference on Antarctica.

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