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  • Lithuanian Independence
    Lithuanian Independence

    March 28, 1990

    Senator Moynihan addressed the situation in Lithuania, calling it the "first post-cold war crisis." On the morning of this appearance, Lithuania had declared its independence from the Soviet Union. Moynihan discussed the role of international law in resolving the situation.

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  • Airline Safety and Competitiveness
    Airline Safety and Competitiveness

    March 28, 1990

    Admiral Busey discussed the $22 billion, five-year plan for improving airline safety and international competitiveness. The Bush administration submitted the FAA plan to Congress on March 19. The plan implements part of the National Transportation Policy with the emphasis on modernization of U.S. aviation.

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  • International Trans-Antarctica Expedition
    International Trans-Antarctica Expedition

    March 26, 1990

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  • Current Events in Poland
    Current Events in Poland

    March 23, 1990

    The Polish prime minister's appearance came during a 3-day visit in the United States during which he and President Bush signed business and economic treaties. His remarks were translated into English. Mr. Mazowiecki discussed the reunification of Germany and his country's efforts to develop a free-market economy.

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  • European Community 1992
    European Community 1992

    March 23, 1990

    Mr. Brittan discussed the changes in Central and Eastern Europe in relation to the European Community's 1992 project. He also answered questions from business journalists and government officials about specific aspects of Europe 1992.

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  • American Defense Needs and Priorities
    American Defense Needs and Priorities

    March 22, 1990

    Secretary Cheney's appearance came as Congress considered the 1991 defense budget. The administration's defense budget request had been criticized for increasing spending in the wake of improved relations with the Soviet Union. Cheney acknowledged the possibility of "victory in the cold war" but argued against "radical reductions" in military spending.

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  • Savings & Loan Bailout
    Savings & Loan Bailout

    March 21, 1990

    Mr. Seidman acted as the chairman of the Resolution Trust Corporation, which took over insolvent or potentially insolvent savings & loan institutions. The RTC had been in existence for seven months at the time of Mr. Seidman's appearance and had been criticized for its management of the savings & loan…

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  • Situation in Panama
    Situation in Panama

    March 21, 1990

    The Panamanian vice president's appearance came four months after the U.S. invasion of Panama and one week after the president of Panama, Guillermo Endara, had ended a 13-day hunger strike. The Panamanian president's hunger strike ended when President Bush introduced a $570 million Panamanian aid plan to Congress.

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  • America's New Mainstream
    America's New Mainstream

    March 20, 1990

    The grandson of slaves, Mr. Wilder was the first black elected to a state Senate in 1969. In 1985, he was the highest ranking black elected state official as Virginia's lieutenant governor. Then, on January 13, 1990, he was sworn in as Virginia's new governor and became the first black…

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  • Freedom of Information
    Freedom of Information

    March 16, 1990

    Ms. Hefner's address was sponsored by the National Press Club and the Society of Professional Journalists. It was part of activities commemorating passage of the Freedom of Information Act in 1966. Her speech followed a moment of silence observed for Associated Press reporter Terry Anderson, who was entering his sixth…

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