National Press Club

  • The Press and Public Service
    The Press and Public Service

    May 2, 1990

    The panel of journalists and public servants explored the need for a return to the public service ethic. They reviewed the ways government officials and the press portray public service. The John F. Kennedy Library Symposium was part of a series on the press and public policy sponsored by the…

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  • Future of Panama
    Future of Panama

    May 1, 1990

    President Endara's remarks concern the future of democracy in Panama and his hopes for rebuilding his country's economy. Mr. Endara was elected president in May 1989; however, dictator Manuel Noriega, declared the election results invalid. His presidency was eventually made possible by the United States' invasion of Panama in December…

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  • Recent Developments in Honduras
    Recent Developments in Honduras

    April 19, 1990

    Mr. Callejas discussed recent developments in Honduras.

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  • Industry and the Environment
    Industry and the Environment

    April 18, 1990

    Mr. Smith's speech to the National Press Club coincided with the U.S. Senate's debate on clean air legislation. He addressed the conflict between industry and the environment and how General Motors had tried to resolve the conflicts without government intervention. He also summarized the past of the auto industry in…

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  • Media Coverage of Arrest of D.C. Mayor Barry
    Media Coverage of Arrest of D.C. Mayor Barry

    April 16, 1990

    This program is sponsored by the National Press Club and the National Association of Television Arts and Sciences. Mayor Marion Barry was indicted on drug-related charges in January 1990. Local reporters discuss news coverage of this event.

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  • Earth Day 1990
    Earth Day 1990

    April 16, 1990

    The former senator is the founder of Earth Day and the Chairman of Earth Day 1990. This meeting was held on the anniversary of Earth Day and Nelson discusses the agenda and objectives of Earth Day 1990.

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  • Making a Greenhouse Policy
    Making a Greenhouse Policy

    April 11, 1990

    Allan Bromley is President Bush's adviser on science and technology. He presented the administration's plan to combat the greenhouse effect. This plan will be presented at an upcoming international conference on global warming at the White House.

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  • Children's Television
    Children's Television

    April 6, 1990

    Fred Rogers spoke about his experiences in children's television. The creator and star of "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" encouraged adults to go into children's television and related personal experiences about the trauma of growing up and expressing emotions. Rogers showed video excerpts of his testimony before a Senate committee hearing on…

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  • Campaign Finance Reform
    Campaign Finance Reform

    April 3, 1990

    Senator David Boren is the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. He described the fast-paced changes that are sweeping the world and explained that the U.S. should not let down its guard, but should increase its intelligence operations to maintain competitiveness. Senator Boren has also co-sponsored a bipartisan bill on…

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  • Arts Funding
    Arts Funding

    March 29, 1990

    The NEA chairman's appearance comes a week after the Bush administration had presented a draft NEA reauthorization bill to the House Education and Labor subcommittee on Postsecondary Education. Controversy was continuing over limitations on NEA funding of indecent or obscene art. However, the Bush administration reauthorization request contained no content…

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