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  • Business Investment in Poland
    Business Investment in Poland

    November 16, 1989

    Mr. Walesa's appearance comes the day after he addressed a joint meeting of Congress. Speaking through an interpreter, Walesa reiterates the central theme of his U.S. visit, that business investment from the West is needed to build an economic foundation for the new democracies in Poland and eastern Europe.

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  • Affordable Housing
    Affordable Housing

    November 15, 1989

    Sec. Kemp alludes to the tearing down of the Berlin wall in his speech supporting President Bush's HOPE program. The Home Ownership and Opportunity for People Everywhere program proposes low-income housing and grants for home ownership.

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  • Democracy and Human Rights in Philippines
    Democracy and Human Rights in Philippines

    November 10, 1989

    Mr. Manglapus refers to a bandwagon of democracy in Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe. He discusses the Aquino government's efforts to deal with threats to democracy, without sacrificing human rights.

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  • The Choice for Estonia
    The Choice for Estonia

    November 7, 1989

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  • News Conference
    News Conference

    November 3, 1989

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  • U.S. Space Program in the 1990s
    U.S. Space Program in the 1990s

    October 26, 1989

    Admiral Truly discusses NASA's plans for the 1990s, which include trips to the Moon and Mars, the launch of a powerful space telescope, and the deployment of a permanent space station.

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  • Ukrainian Independence
    Ukrainian Independence

    October 23, 1989

    Speaking through an interpreter, the writer and politician discusses the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear accident on the region. He also discusses ethnic diversity within a Ukranian nation and the U.S.S.R. as a union of sovereign nations.

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  • Democratic Party's Economic Philosophy
    Democratic Party's Economic Philosophy

    October 19, 1989

    The complete title of Rep. Gephardt's speech is "Democratic Party's Economic and Fiscal Policy Blueprint for the Nation."

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  • Democracy in South Korea
    Democracy in South Korea

    October 18, 1989

    President Roh talked about, "Democracy in a Period of Transition." He pointed to progress toward full democracy in South Korea since the demonstrations of 1987, with the 1988 Olympics serving as a showcase for the country. After his remarks he responded to audience members' questions. Translation into English was by…

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  • Developments in Hong Kong
    Developments in Hong Kong

    October 16, 1989

    Mr. Wilson discusses the effects in Hong Kong of China's supression of pro-democracy demonstrations. He notes that emigration from Hong Kong increased and the stock market fell, but that business quickly got back to normal. Wilson also discusses plans for continued expansion through and beyond 1997, when control of the…

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