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  • National Endowment for the Arts
    National Endowment for the Arts

    September 17, 1990

    John Frohnmayer, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), discussed significant improvements to the NEA's grant making procedures and his reaction to the independent commission report released on Sept. 11, which reviews the funding policies of the NEA. The commission's report will be used by congress as a…

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  • Politics in Michigan
    Politics in Michigan

    September 6, 1990

    Lt. Governor Griffiths spoke about politics in Michigan and her own experiences with the women's rights movement. She was a member of Congress from Michigan and has been lieutenant governor for the last eight years. Recently, Gov. Blanchard announced that he was dropping her from the 1990 ticket and selecting…

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  • Jordanian Perspective on the Persian Gulf
    Jordanian Perspective on the Persian Gulf

    August 30, 1990

    The Jordanian Ambassador to the U.S. outlined his country's position on the current situation in the Persian Gulf and Jordan's perception of the U.S. role in the conflict.

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  • Events in Liberia
    Events in Liberia

    August 28, 1990

    The Mayor of Monrovia, Liberia discussed the crisis in his country. Mayor Johnson reported civilian deaths and homelessness resulting from the conflict taking place in Liberia. Mayor Johnson made an appeal for U.S. intervention in the conflict and a request for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council…

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  • Political Humor
    Political Humor

    August 16, 1990

    Mr. Russell made his first appearance in the United States since his trip to Moscow. He sang songs, told jokes and answered questions. At the end of his speech, one of his life dreams came true when the National Press Club presented a sandwich named in his honor. Mr. Russell…

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  • Savings and Loan Bailout
    Savings and Loan Bailout

    August 8, 1990

    Secretary of the Treasury, Nicholas Brady, spoke on the eve of the first anniversary of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989, commonly called the "Savings and Loan Bailout." This act is the most costly economic recovery act ever undertaken by the government. Secretary Brady reported on…

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  • Future of Cable Television
    Future of Cable Television

    July 27, 1990

    Mr. Sikes discussed the debate over cable television and the syndication rule. The previous day the Federal Communication Commission had forwarded a report to Congress that outlined their findings in hearings held thoughout the United States.

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  • White Collar Crime
    White Collar Crime

    July 25, 1990

    Attorney General Dick Thornburgh discussed financial institution fraud and the Department of Justice investigations into savings and loan wrong doing. He discussed the steps the Department of Justice was taking to curb white collar crime. Recently, President Bush asked for stiff penalties for those criminally involved in the savings and…

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  • Latvian Prime Minister Address
    Latvian Prime Minister Address

    July 23, 1990

    Prime Minister of Latvia, Ivars Godmanis, is the former Vice President of the Popular Front of Latvia. He was one of the main political strategists behind the popular front's succession to power in May 1990, when the Soviet Socialist Republic of Latvia was restored to its status as the sovereign…

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  • What Is Wrong with Government?
    What Is Wrong with Government?

    July 12, 1990

    The senator discussed the status of negotiations on the budget and how work on the federal budget could be improved and made more efficient. Mr. Hollings is one of the original authors of the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings deficit reduction law.

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