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  • A Chance for Future Victories
    A Chance for Future Victories

    March 22, 1991

    President Walesa talked about the "battle against communism." He said he wanted to remind the audience of all the changes that were made without much violence, "without a shot." He explained that after the victory the Polish government does not know how to operate, but needs to continue to win…

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  • Reporting the War from Baghdad
    Reporting the War from Baghdad

    March 19, 1991

    In his first Washington speech since his return from Baghdad, Peter Arnett discussed his reporting from Iraq during the Persian Gulf war. Mr. Arnett was the only American reporter allowed by the Iraqi government to remain in Baghdad after the beginning of the Persian Gulf war in January, 1991, and…

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  • North American Free Trade Agreement
    North American Free Trade Agreement

    March 15, 1991

    Ambassador Burney talked first about Pres. Bush's recent visit to Ottawa and his meetings with the Prime Minister of Canada. The two major outcomes of that meeting were an acid rain accord and agreement on the peace negotiations in the Middle East. Ambassador Burney then discussed the US-Canada free trade…

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  • Media Access During the Persian Gulf War
    Media Access During the Persian Gulf War

    March 14, 1991

    Asst. Secretary Williams spoke as part of the Society of Professional Journalists' Freedom of Information Day. He talked about the government's imposition of restrictive war time policy on the release of information during the Persian Gulf. He discussed how and what type of information was released to the press. The…

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  • Whither Civil Rights?
    Whither Civil Rights?

    March 13, 1991

    The two speakers debated the status of civil rights in America. They particularly focused on the civil rights bill of 1990 vetoed by President Bush, and the proposed civil rights legislation for 1991. Work place discrimination of protected groups and relief for victims of discrimination were debated. Supreme Court rulings…

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  • New York Stock Exchange
    New York Stock Exchange

    March 4, 1991

    Mr. Donaldson spoke on the state of the United States economy in relation to his role with the New York Stock Exchange. His philosophy in running the exchange includes preaching the need for making it more competitive with international exchanges, asking Wall Street firms to "go back to basics, the…

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  • U.S. Military Bases in the Philippines
    U.S. Military Bases in the Philippines

    March 1, 1991

    Secretary Manglapus is in the United States to meet with legislators and administration officials following recent announcements by the United States and the Philippines that significant progress had been made in negotiations over military bases in the Philippines. His remarks focused on these sensitive talks. Secretary Manglapus said his job…

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  • Impact of the News Media on World Affairs
    Impact of the News Media on World Affairs

    February 21, 1991

    Queen Margrethe talked about the "age of communication." She spoke of the tremendous influence the news media has and called the press the "4th Power" in governments. She said that she would like to point out that there is no "5th Power" to keep an eye on the media. She…

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  • Nicaragua Issues
    Nicaragua Issues

    February 7, 1991

    Mr. Lacayo discussed governmental policy changes in Nicaragua, including distribution of land to the 20,000 contra rebels; a reduction in the size of the army and a reorientation of the politics of the soldiers; new privatization of industry through "golden parachute" incentives; and, appeals to the international community for financing,…

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  • Issues Facing the 102nd Congress
    Issues Facing the 102nd Congress

    February 7, 1991

    Speaker Foley said that he felt the 102nd Congress will be a very important session because of the Persian Gulf war and the subsequent post-war recovery. He explained that the congress did fully debate the decision to give the President full authority to conduct the war. Speaker Foley described the…

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