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  • Supreme Court Term Review
    Supreme Court Term Review

    July 1, 1991

    The Washington Legal Foundation sponsored a forum at the National Press Club to evaluate the decisions of the Supreme Court during its recently completed term. Issues involved in the decisions of the Supreme Court included allowing regulations to stand which prohibited doctors in federally funded clinics from mentioning abortion as…

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  • Improvements in the National Postal Service
    Improvements in the National Postal Service

    June 27, 1991

    Postmaster General Frank, head of the government agency not responsible for the 29 cent stamp, spoke on the changes occurring in the U.S. Postal Service to the National Press Club. Postmaster General Frank discussed the past twenty years of the U.S. Postal Service following the Postal Reorganizational Act of 1970…

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  • U.S.-Chinese Trade Relations
    U.S.-Chinese Trade Relations

    June 27, 1991

    Ambassador Qizhen spoke at a National Press Club breakfast meeting to discuss the extension of most favored nation trade status by the U.S. to China. The extension of most favored nation trade status to China would normalize trade relations between the U.S. and China, and is supported by the Bush…

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  • Politics in the South African Region
    Politics in the South African Region

    June 26, 1991

    Mr. Bizimungo discussed the current political situation in his country and around his region. In October 1990, Rwanda was invaded by armed bands entering the country from Uganda. Dr. Bizimungo spoke about the results of the conflict and his country's prospects for the future. Dr. Bizimungo, a former medical doctor,…

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  • Leadership in the 1990s
    Leadership in the 1990s

    June 25, 1991

    Representative Schroeder, chair of the Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Aging, explained the current "Leadership debt" in Washington, D.C. She began by describing the changes in Washington since the arrival of President Richard Nixon in the 1970s. She blamed much of the lack of leadership and accountability on the…

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  • President of the Russian Republic
    President of the Russian Republic

    June 20, 1991

    On a four day visit to Washington and New York, Boris Yeltsin, recently-elected leader of the Russian Republic, visited with President Bush in the White House and with members of Congress on Capitol Hill. In his remarks, President Yeltsin said the U.S. should not place all its faith in Mikhail…

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  • Recent Supreme Court Abortion Decisions
    Recent Supreme Court Abortion Decisions

    June 19, 1991

    Ms. Wattleton, president of the family planning organization Planned Parenthood, spoke before the National Press Club on recent Supreme Court decisions concerning abortion rights, including the recent decision allowing laws to stand that prohibit doctors in clinics receiving Federal funds under Title X regulations from mentioning abortion as an alternative…

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  • An Actor's Perspective
    An Actor's Perspective

    June 18, 1991

    Sir Peter Ustinov, actor, novelist, playwright, screenwriter and producer, spoke to the National Press Club on his long career in drama. A versatile actor in movies, plays and operas, Sir Ustinov recalled his experiences in a long career in the arts, his British upbringing, and his participation in the British…

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  • Insurance Insolvencies
    Insurance Insolvencies

    June 12, 1991

    Sen. Metzenbaum, known for his contentiousness on the floor of the Senate, addressed a luncheon audience at the National Press Club. He discussed the recent spate of financial crises in the insurance industry, such as the financial collapse of Executive Life Insurance company, which has left hundreds of thousands of…

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  • AIDS Research in 1991
    AIDS Research in 1991

    June 5, 1991

    Dr. Gottlieb, the supervising physician of the first five patients diagnosed with acquired immune deficiency syndrome in the early 1980's, discussed the status of AIDS research in 1991. To date, over 150,000 have died from infections associated with the virus, while over one million Americans have tested positive for the…

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