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  • Peace in the Middle East
    Peace in the Middle East

    May 1, 1991

    Mr. Sharon, Israeli housing minister, discussed the path to peace in the Middle East and the role of Israel in the peace process. In order to attain peace, which Mr. Sharon believes is possible, he said Saudi Arabia and Kuwait must both negotiate directly with Israel to create a fair…

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  • Amtrak at Twenty
    Amtrak at Twenty

    May 1, 1991

    Graham Claytor, president of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation and head of Amtrak, spoke to a National Press Club luncheon on the twentieth anniversary of Amtrak, the national passenger rail system. When Amtrak began, it inherited a number of crumbling, financially strapped railroad companies which were operating with huge deficits.…

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  • Taking Apartheid Apart: A Free South Africa
    Taking Apartheid Apart: A Free South Africa

    April 24, 1991

    Mr. Hani is the highest ranking member of the African National Congress to visit America since Nelson Mandela's visit in June 1990. He is on a ten-day tour to visit members of Congress, State Department officials and anti-apartheid activists to gather support for the continued efforts to abolish apartheid in…

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  • Russian Prime Minister
    Russian Prime Minister

    April 23, 1991

    Prime Minister Silayev spoke before reporters at the National Press Club about his visits with congressional leaders during his trip to the United States. Mr. Silayev is the first prime minister of Russia since Russia adopted sovereignty and instituted a parliamentary system of government. He is also a close ally…

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  • New Wildlife Policy for Kenya
    New Wildlife Policy for Kenya

    April 18, 1991

    Dr. Leakey talked about wildlife preservation. He said that prior to his appointment, certain animals, like the African elephant and the white rhinoceros, were being poached almost to the point of extinction. By killing and selling the ivory tusks of just one elephant, a poacher could earn the nation's average…

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  • Romanian Economic and Democratic Developments
    Romanian Economic and Democratic Developments

    April 16, 1991

    The Prime Minister talked about the social, economic, and political future of Romania. He concentrated on the economic reforms that have occurred since the "legitimate government" was installed on 28 June 1990. He said that an important reform occurred six weeks ago when the government fully privatized 80 percent of…

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  • American Economic Policy
    American Economic Policy

    April 11, 1991

    Former Senator Tsongas spoke to the National Press Club on his unannounced candidacy for the presidency in 1992. Sen. Tsongas, who is expected to officially announce his candidacy for the 1992 Democratic nomination for president on April 30, is the only Democrat other than Gov. Wilder of Virginia who has…

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  • Taxing the Rich: The Capital Gains Tax
    Taxing the Rich: The Capital Gains Tax

    April 10, 1991

    The two speakers presented their views on capital gains tax legislation in a debate format. The question was: Should capital gains be the subject of the same taxation as ordinary income? From the 1920s through 1986 with the passage of the Tax Reform Act, capital gains were taxed at a…

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  • District of Columbia Statehood
    District of Columbia Statehood

    April 9, 1991

    Jesse Jackson, Washington DC's "shadow" senator, spoke to the National Press Club luncheon about statehood for Washington, DC. Rev. Jackson warned that "phase two" of the Persian Gulf war would cost the United States even more than the military conflict: to maintain a "new world order" within the global community.…

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  • Kurdish Human Rights
    Kurdish Human Rights

    April 8, 1991

    Mr. Al-Karadaghi is a former minister in the diplomatic service of Iraq. He spoke of the current plight of the Kurdish minority in Iraq in the wake of the Persian Gulf war and ensuing Iraqi civil unrest. He also commented on the recent United Nations Security Council's vote condemning Iraq…

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