National Press Club

Farewell, and Thank You

Jeff Ballou | January 16, 2018

Fellow members of the National Press Club,

To say that we had a crazy year is an incredible understatement. When you signed election petitions for the 110th administration to run for office, I am pretty sure that no one counted on such a virulently anti-press year.

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Please give to the employee holiday fund

Jeff Ballou | December 20, 2017

Fellow members,

As you travel near and far this holiday season to gather with those you cherish, please don't forget our dedicated National Press Club employees.

Every day around the club there's ample reason to thank the staff. Whether it's serving you a plate of delicious food, keeping the restrooms in top order, or making sure that the setup is just right for your booked event, we rely on the 110 staff members who make the club our home away from home.

With the season of giving upon us, now is our chance to thank them.

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A Periodic Update From “The World’s Leading Professional Organization for Journalists™.”

Jeffrey Ballou | November 6, 2017

Greetings fellow members. Allow me to offer another playbook update from your club of champions!

Much continues to happen in our busy private club. With rare exception, most of it is good, I am happy to report. For those who missed the last general membership meeting. I’d like to begin with a bit of sad news I shared there, and why it was delayed in delivery.

Karen Deem, a beloved 17-year member of the National Press Club staff, passed away in last month.

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A “Club of Champions”: Time to suit up for big plays!

Jeff Ballou | September 7, 2017

Happy September, fellow members, or should I say, teammates.

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A note to NPC members on Jan. 19th private client inaugural event

Jeff Ballou | January 23, 2017

Fellow members,

I've received some questions about the event that was held January 19 at the Club, a pre-inaugural rental characterized by the organizers as the Deploraball, and wanted to follow up with you. As you know, the Club has served as a venue for election-related events and parties for many years, held to celebrate incoming presidents from both parties.

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NPC statement on POTUS, Spicer comments towards journalists

Jeffrey Ballou | January 22, 2017

The following statement is attributed to Jeff Ballou, president of the National Press Club.

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Jan. 19 NPC Statement Regarding Inaugural Event

Jeffrey Ballou | January 19, 2017

Dear members and guests,

As you are aware, we have a private client very much in the news holding an event on January 19th in support of the 45th President-elect of the United States.

Some weeks back, my predecessor wrote a column laying out pretty much everything that could truly be said about it.

So I simply repost it here with the emphasis that, as Tommy’s former Vice President, he kept me and the board in the loop on this matter and my view has not changed.

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