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Please Thank Our Staff for Making the National Press Club so Extra Special

Myron Belkind | December 3, 2014

Throughout year, we all enjoy the immense benefits of the National Press Club through its wide diversity of professional, social and cultural events.

There is an untold story behind the success of those events, and it is the strong dedication by our staff of more than 100 who provide invaluable support in all aspects of the Club’s operations.

Without this staff, the National Press Club could not be what it is today.

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Why the National Press Club is so special

Myron Belkind | October 10, 2014

I would like to share with you the full text of my remarks today to the General Membership Meeting.

Welcome to the National Press Club. I am Myron Belkind, and I would like to begin my president’s report with a statement to you, the members of the Club, about a column published in yesterday’s Washington Post by Dana Milbank, one of our former members and a well known journalist who has written often about events that happen in rooms at the NPC just like this one.

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Making A Difference for Press Freedom

Myron Belkind | September 29, 2014

Do statements by the National Press Club on freedom of the press make a difference?

Yes, they do!

So says Abdullah Elshamy, the Al Jazeera journalist who visited the NPC last Friday to talk about being held in an Egyptian prison for 10 months, half of them on a hunger strike, until his release last June on medical grounds.

"Statements by the National Press Club and other news outlets here in the United States and across the globe really helped in my release," Elshamy said.

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Supporting Freedom of the Press

Myron Belkind | September 18, 2014

I would like to share with our members a statement I sent to the Foreign Editors' Circle of the International Press Institute, which met in Chicago on Sept. 17, detailing the Club's efforts in support of freedom of the press. The NPC was invited to send a statement to the forum, whose participants included international news editors or editors from the United States and Canada responsible for global coverage:

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The Importance of Supporting Scholarship

Myron Belkind | July 31, 2014

The most satisfying aspect of being National Press Club president is informing the winners of three major scholarships awarded each year.

We heard from the 2014 winners at the annual NPC Journalism Awards dinner on July 30, and each expressed deep appreciation for the scholarships, which will enable them to pursue their studies to advance their professional goals in journalism.

None of these scholarships would be made possible were it not for the major fundraising efforts by the National Press Club Journalism Institute, the non-profit affiliate of the National Press Club.

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Acting Responsibly, as The Washington Post did

Myron Belkind | June 22, 2014

Ever since I began teaching journalism as an adjunct in 1987 in London, I have put three large letters – RAF – on the white boards in the classrooms so that the students see them as they walk in for the first time.

I explained to my first students in London that no, those letters do not stand for the Royal Air Force, but rather they represent what I consider the three tenets of journalism: Responsibility, Accuracy and Fairness.

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Report to the Spring General Membership Meeting

Myron Belkind | May 9, 2014

April is the month of honoring excellence in journalism through the Pulitzer Prizes that are announced at this time of the year.

And it is the theme of excellence and dedication at the National Press Club that I want to recognize in my president's report to the General Membership Meeting today (May 9).

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Honoring Excellence in Journalism

Myron Belkind | April 17, 2014

The day that the Pulitzer Prizes are announced each year is very special for our profession, because they demonstrate the very best that journalism produces.

I always tell my students at The George Washington University to read all the winning entries, because together they have a wealth of exemplary writing and reporting that demonstrate better than any textbook how to achieve excellence.

This year’s Pulitzers maintain that tradition and should make us all proud --- even if we did not win our own Pulitzer – why we chose to pursue that profession.

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Awards Deadline Extended Until April 15

Myron Belkind | April 2, 2014

The deadline for entering the annual National Press Club journalism contest has been extended until April 15. If you’ve been considering sending an entry but have not done so, please send it in now.

The deadline was April 1 but has been extended for two weeks. The transition to online submission of entries has gone smoothly, but the additional time should allow those who have not submitted entries in the new system to get them in. Remember they may also be sent by mail, with a postmark no later than April 15.

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April 1 and March 28: Two special dates for NPC members

Myron Belkind | March 24, 2014

April 1 is the deadline for submitting entries to the annual National Press Club Journalism Awards contest, and March 28 is the 50th anniversary performance at the NPC of blue grass musician Bill Jenkins, this time playing with the Virginia Mountain Boys.

The April 1 deadline for submitting entries for the annual National Press Club Journalism Awards is fast approaching.

Press Club members should be aware of a great opportunity that is available to you because of your membership.

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