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One year ago, two journalists were taken from us

Thomas Burr | August 26, 2016

Since 1992, more than 1,200 journalists have been killed while doing their jobs worldwide. For too long, we have thought of violence against journalists as something that happened somewhere else, but this year, we’ve seen that assumption proved false over and over as journalist come under threat in the United States. One year ago today, our journalism community lost two of its members in nearby Roanoke, and their deaths dealt our community, both locally and nationally, a devastating blow.

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Introducing the John Cosgrove Members' Lounge

Thomas Burr | August 26, 2016

John Cosgrove is an institution at the National Press Club.

Serving as president in 1961, and as an active member since 1949, most -- if not all -- of our Press Club family know and admire Mr. Cosgrove.

Cosgrove often speaks of how President John F. Kennedy came to his Press Club inaugural, where Cosgrove was sworn into office by Chief Justice Earl Warren. When you inevitably note how amazing it was that President Kennedy came to his swearing in, Cosgrove is known to deadpan: “Well, I went to his.”

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National Press Club renews push for engaging members

Thomas Burr | August 24, 2016

As part of an effort to revamp its outreach to journalists and communication professionals, The National Press Club, the world's leading professional organization for journalists, has hired seasoned reporter Suzanne Struglinski as its new director of membership engagement.

Struglinski, who will start on Sept. 6, will focus full-time on helping journalists and communicators realize all the social and professional benefits of the Press Club as the news industry continues its transition into a new age.

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Molly McCluskey to take over as NPC Membership Secretary

Tommy Burr | June 21, 2016

The National Press Club's Board of Governors voted unanimously on Monday night to appoint Molly McCluskey as membership secretary to replace Evan McMorris-Santoro who stepped down because of election-related duties that have kept him traveling this year.

McCluskey, an independent journalist and board member since 2014, was previously vice chair of the Club's Freelance Committee and chair of the International Correspondents Committee. She also re-invigorated and grew the Club's social media and was the 2015 recipient of the Berny Krug Award, given to the Club's top volunteer.

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NPC's America Legion Post 20 named 'Outstanding Post' for 2015-16

Tommy Burr | June 6, 2016

The National Press Club's American Legion Post 20 was honored last weekend as one of the outstanding posts in the nation, a tribute to the work of our veteran members in increasing membership and contributions to the work of the Legion.

Ken Dalecki, Post 20 commander, was also named an “Outstanding Legionnaire” for 2015-16 and elected vice commander for the D.C. Department, which covers the District's 23 posts. Dalecki and NPC member Alfredo Diaz were also selected to attend the American Legion's annual national convention in Cincinnati in August.

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Member Connie Lawn Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from NZ National Press Club

Tommy Burr | June 6, 2016

It was with great honor that last week that I accepted, on behalf of the National Press Club, a gift of long-time member Connie Lawn's silver salver and plaque presented to her by the New Zealand National Press Club as a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The salver and plaque are now on display in the glass case as you enter the National Press Club, a reminder of Connie's impact on journalism during her decades covering the White House.

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Statement On Syrian-Iraqi News Conference at The National Press Club

Tommy Burr | June 1, 2016

Following is a statement about the news conference by GAFTA at the National Press Club on June 2, 2016:

The National Press Club has been the place “Where News Happens” for more than a century. As such we have hosted newsmakers of all kinds, because we are devoted to free speech and the free exchange of ideas.

We have for decades also allowed private, third parties to book our facility for press conferences and other events with the proviso that we can turn away such business at our discretion.

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UPDATE: Member's Book on Afghan Couple Leads to Their Freedom – Now They Need Help. NYT Reporter Was at Club for February Book Event

Tommy Burr | May 31, 2016

National Press Club Member and New York Times Correspondent Rod Nordland visited us in February for a moving book event about his recent work "The Lovers" (Ecco), the story of a couple that was driven into hiding in Afghanistan to avoid an honor killing by her family. The popular book raised the visibility of the case and Nordland and others were able to assist the couple Zakia and Ali in obtaining provisional visas while refugee status is considered. Last week they arrived in the United States and are trying to settle here. The couple has a one year old daughter, Ruqia.

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Show your NPC pride: Member-only pins available

Tommy Burr | May 11, 2016

In a survey some years ago, a good number of National Press Club members supported the idea of a way to differentiate themselves as members of the Club from guests who might be stopping by for a drink, a conference or lunch. And now we have it.

The NPC is offering members the chance to purchase a member-only pin – featuring the Club's seal and the word “member” – for $10 at the front desk.

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Statement on event hosted by the Center for the National Interest

Tommy Burr | April 22, 2016

The National Press Club has a standing invitation to all major presidential candidates to speak at our hallowed venue and most White House contenders have taken questions from our podium this election cycle. The 109-year-old Press Club has hosted almost every American president and many of those vying for the job over our history, and we have always looked forward to hearing their plans and pinning them down on policy issues that would affect America and the world.

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