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NEH chair launches initiative to make out-of-print outstanding books into free e-books

January 16, 2015 | By Jennifer Ejin |

The tenth chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), William “Bro” Adams, announced a collaboration with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation called the “One Book Project,” which aims to give “second life to outstanding out-of-print books in the humanities by making them freely accessible to the public as e-books” at a National Press Club luncheon on Jan. 15.

He said this partnership is the “first collaboration of this kind with the Andrew Mellon Foundation.”

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Anti-abortion leader predicts congressional passage, presidential veto of restricting bill

January 15, 2015 | By Wesley G. Pippert |

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List, said at a National Press Club Newsmaker Jan. 15 that the House would pass the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection bill on Jan. 20, the day of the March for Life in Washington.

Dannenfelser said the Senate, now in control of the Republicans, would quickly follow suit. But she acknowledged that a likely veto by President Obama "would be a high bar for us to reach ... a big one, perhaps insurmountable."

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Shields calls "The Partisan Divide" the book to read

January 15, 2015 | By Amy Fickling |

Mark Shields; political commentator and moderator of a panel on the book, "The Partisan Divide," by Martin Frost, Tom Davis and Richard Cohen; told a Jan. 13 National Press Club audience that “if you are going to read one book this year … this is the one” you should pick up.

Democrat Frost represented the Dallas-Fort Worth district of Texas in the House from 1979 to 2005 and Republican David represented a Northern Virginia district from 1995 to 2008. Cohen was a longtime Washington congressional correspondent and columnist.

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HUD Secretary dodges question on VP run, touts wiser approach to home ownership

January 13, 2015 | By Yasmine El-Sawabi |

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Julian Castro insisted on Jan. 13 that he just wants to do the best he can in a role he’s held for nearly six months, after being asked at a National Press Club Newsmaker if he would consider a vice presidential run alongside Hillary Clinton in 2016.

“I’m trying to do a great job at HUD,” he said, but added that Clinton “will do enormous good” should she become the next U.S. president.

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Top volunteers take lead in making Club global, promoting press freedom

January 13, 2015 | By Mark Schoeff Jr. |

Two National Press Club members received the organization’s top volunteer award on Jan. 12 for their efforts to keep the Club at the forefront of press freedom and to make it a center of global culture.

John Donnelly, chair of the Club’s Freedom of the Press Committee, won one of the Berny Krug Awards for directing the group in fulfilling one of the Club’s most important missions – upholding the rights of reporters to do their jobs wherever the story leads.

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Retiring Postmaster General Urges Congress to Forgo 'Absurd Mandate' and 'Shortsightedness'

January 6, 2015 | By Lorna Aldrich |>;

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, retiring this month, used a Tuesday Newsmaker to urge Congress, postal unions and the mailing industry to grant the Postal Service flexibility to adjust to changes.

He started his list of recommendations with retiree health benefits, which he called "my favorite example of an absurd mandate" because Congress requires the Postal Service to prepay a 40-year obligation in 10 years. This could have been done if the Internet had not been invented, he said.

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Podcast Features History of PR

January 6, 2015 | By Adam Konowe |

The latest National Press Club podcast is now on the website and iTunes.

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Bloomberg's John Hughes Elected National Press Club President

December 12, 2014

John Hughes of Bloomberg News has been elected president of the National Press Club, the world's leading professional organization for journalists.

Hughes is an editor for Bloomberg First Word, the breaking-news desk in Washington. Before that he was Bloomberg's aviation and transportation reporter for more than a decade, covering the Sept. 11 attacks, airline and auto bankruptcies and aviation accidents including the Miracle on the Hudson.

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'Kalb Report' hears how Edward R. Murrow influenced NPR's unique sound

December 10, 2014 | By Gil Klein |

The spirit of Edward R. Murrow flowed through the National Press Club ballroom Dec. 9 as Marvin Kalb, host of "The Kalb Report," interviewed five icons of NPR about how NPR news developed and where it is heading.

Discussing “The Sound of News: An Evening with NPR,” veteran public radio correspondents Scott Simon, Nina Totenberg, Susan Stamberg, Mara Liasson and Steve Inskeep told how Murrow in his radio reports from London during World War II set the standard for the NPR sound.

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Data analytics help control infectious diseases, make Hershey candy kisses -- and more

December 10, 2014 | By Lorna Aldrich |

BSA | The Software Alliance, an advocate to governments for the software industry -- whose members include Adobe, Apple, Dell, IBM, Microsoft and 20 other companies -- reported survey results showing that 97 percent of large businesses in the United States and Europe regard data analytics as important to their companies at a Dec. 10 National Press Club Newsmaker event

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