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The NPC Travel Committee is dedicated to researching, mounting, and promoting high quality, educational, and economic travel opportunities for its members. Over the past several years our members have taken exotic excursions to Jordan’s Petra and the pyramids of Egypt, travelled the Silk Road in China, relived contemporary European history in the three Baltic Republics of Lithuania, Latvia, & Estonia, witnessed the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in Scotland, enjoyed animal safaris in South Africa and Botswana, visited the vast mélange of Buddhist pagodas in Myanmar, Vietnam, and Cambodia, and explored Amsterdam's eclectic architecture and vast art collections with stops in in Bruges, Normandy, and Mont St. Michel. Our traditional Martin Luther King Holiday Weekend Trips to Iceland, Panama, London, and Lisbon have been extremely popular and well-attended.

Istanbul: January 14-19

IstanbulIstanbul is a true cultural crossroads. Its Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman roots are woven throughout the city’s exotic landscape. Europe and Asia meet in Istanbul. The city recently received a Trip Advisor Traveler’s Choice Award as the best travel destination in the world. Visit The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, the Golden Horn, and the Bosphorus. Special option to Ephesus. Enjoy Turkish food, wine, and maybe a Turkish bath.

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Barcelona and Bilbao: April 19-26

Optional Madrid Extension: April 26-29

Immerse yourself in the architectural wonder that is Barcelona, winner of the 1999 RIBA Royal Gold Medal, the first and only time this award was made to a city. Begin with a stroll along the famous Ramblas though the Barri Gotic (Gothic Quarter) viewing World Heritage Sites from medieval and Roman times and continue past some of the best specimens of Catalan modernista architecture (Art Nouveau). Spend the next morning touring the work of Antoni Gaudi culminating in a visit to his best- known work, the Sagrada Familia Church which has been under construction since 1882. That evening you will sample the best of Catalonian fare at a local restaurant. Enjoy your final day by either choosing between two full-day tours or bagging them both in favor of your personally designed walking tour of shops, restaurants, and museums. The first day trip is by coach through picturesque villages to Monserrat, a multi-peaked mountain and the site of the Benedictine Abby, Santa Maria de Monserrat. The second option is a coach trip to Gerona and Figeras, Salvador Dali’s hometown and the location of Teatro Museo Dali displaying the largest and most diverse collection of the artist’s work. On the following day, you will travel across Spain on a high speed train to the Basque capital of Bilbao. In addition to a morning tour of the Guggenheim Museum, you will have ample time to explore the extraordinary Frank Gehry building wrapped in paper-thin titanium sheets that change color with the weather, the “Maman” spider sculpture, and a Jeff Koons plant-covered 43 foot “Puppy” sculpture. Your farewell dinner in Bilbao will feature a selection of Basque specialties. Enjoy Spanish charm, great food, and fine accommodations. For those of you wanting a more complete visit to Spain, please consider extending to visit Madrid.

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Responsibilities and Duties

The Committee is dedicated to researching, mounting, and promoting high quality, educational, and economic domestic and international recreational trips for Club members and guests in accordance with the Club’s Code of Ethics and Committee Guidelines that pertain to travel.

Chair: Fay Iudicello -

  1. The Chair forms a Committee with the approval of the President and submits a list of Committee members and email addresses to the President’s Office.
  2. The Committee should actively solicit travel suggestions from NPC members through interaction with other NPC committees, membership office, the WIRE, and travel receptions.
  3. The Committee should arrange for regular publicity in the WIRE, on the Travel Committee webpage, and in other venues as appropriate.
  4. The Committee may conduct trip promotion receptions and schedule them through the Staff Liaison in the General Offices. All expenditures related to receptions must be negotiated with catering and approved before by the appropriate member of the Executive Director’s staff.
  5. The Committee should vote to undertake any research related to an NPC sponsored trip. When this research is completed, the Committee will vote again to mount such a trip. In such case where a trip has not generated sufficient interest, the Committee will vote to cancel the trip. A simple majority of those present at a regularly scheduled meeting is sufficient for approving or cancelling a trip.
  6. The Chair should designate a Trip Leader for each trip. In coordination with the Chair and the trip planner, the Trip Leader should (1) assist in marketing the trip through WIRE stories and other means, (2) coordinate all logistics and deal with any issues that may arise during the trip, (3) prepare a WIRE story on the trip afterwards, and (4) submit a brief trip report to the Chair, including lessons learned and recommendations for future trips.
  7. The Chair should write a year-end summary report assessing the travel program and making recommendations for the future.

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